Sketches and Drawings
Joseph A Raymond

Welcome to this part of my site. In late October of this year (07) I accidently came across a book my wife was thinking of giving me for Christmas. Well, since I didn't know it was for the future I picked it up and scanned through it. Recently I have been getting the itch to finally learn how to draw. The combination of these two things lead me to get my pencil and a sketch pad that has been kicking around the house for several years and give it a shot. Here I will offer up some of the drawings and sketches I have attempted. They will not be all original works. I will give credit to the original source when possible. The most recent sketches are at the bottom of the list.

Koala Bear Anime Girl Anime Young Woman
Betsy Anime Simple Symmetry Gremlin
Pixie Elf Sprite
Dryad Pillywiggin Bushes
Pot Pan Pepper Eggs Brad Garrett & Other Celebrities
Seashell Among Containers Woman in Advert. Jafarpours Family
Woman in Eyeglasses Advert Brian David Mitchell Woman Breastfeeding Baby

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